2nd Grade - Delete & Backspace Keys

This is a Word document.  You will practice deleting words.  First click you mouse next to the letter you want to remove.  Then press the backspace backspace button until the word is gone.  I have have many words that are in a different color.  If a word has a squiggle the computer has found found an error.  Sometimes the word is written twice.  Sometimes the word is misspelled like hist this.  Sometimes there is just too  tootoo much space between the words.  One you delete all the colored words, all the squiggles should should go away.

3rd Grade - Font Practice

The Font Carrousel

No matter where you read and look
Times Roman is the name for you.
You’ll see it often in a book
It’s best for printing schoolwork, too.

Arial is slim and straight
Also Helvetica on Windows.
If you want a poster, it is great
Folks use if for plays and shows.

Sometimes you want something dandy
For a wedding or a party.
Lucida Handwriting is handy,
Harder to read, but people won’t be tardy.

Courier is sort of odd
Like a typewriter of old.
I want to give it a small nod
Even spacing can be gold.

What about neat Comic Sans
What kind of look does it give you?
Fun and easy, choice font fans
It’s good for a work that’s bigger, too.

So choose a font and think it through
Your work can be good, best, or better
On the computer it’s all up to you
Choose your font and help your letters.

Ann Oro